Exterior Painting

Everyone knows that the outward appearance of their house is very important. Even a house with the most impressive architectural design can be improved by a new paint job from a professional organization. While DIY painting methods or smaller contractors can perform a satisfactory job, you need excellent workmanship when it comes to an important asset like your home. Tulsa Christian Bros Painting is a versatile and experienced company that can provide quality exterior painting for your home at a competitive rate.

A Diverse Array of Colors to Choose From

An exterior paint job can add significant curb appeal to your home, and it can also help you get the exact design you want. The color scheme is very important, and our company knows that homeowners want perfection when it comes to their place of residence. We offer a wide variety of shades to help provide the exact result each customer wants. In addition to providing a larger choice of colors than our competitors, we also utilize superior materials which provide additional benefits.

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Superior Materials Make Cleaning Much Easier

While anyone can paint the exterior of a home, proper materials and proper technique provide numerous benefits in the long term. Homeowners especially in the Tulsa area, know that keeping the exterior of their residence clean is very important, but sometimes rigorous cleaning can cause smudging, running, and other imperfections that can actually reduce curb appeal. Our use of scrub-friendly paints from Sherwin Williams™ & Spectrum™ allows you to thoroughly clean the exterior of your home without worrying about damaging the aesthetic quality of the paint job.

Unrivalled Quality and a Commitment to Excellence

Some may think that enlisting the help of a house painting service results in a single worker arriving to complete the job. Tulsa Christian Bros Painting is committed to providing excellent quality with every job. While our technicians are highly skilled, a production manager will be onsite for each project to make sure that things run smoothly. Estimates can be provided beforehand, and we offer competitive rates for exterior painting as well as our other services.

An All-Encompassing Resource for Homeowners

We can provide referrals that prove homeowners in the Tulsa area are greatly satisfied with our house painting services. In addition to exterior painting, we also provide other services including:

  • Interior Painting – Liven up any room with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Staining – Improve the appearance of hardwood surfaces such as bars and cabinets.
  • Drywall and Wood Rot Repair – Improve the stability of weak area of your home.

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Our services have been spread through many commercial and residential facilities in the Tulsa area. With plenty of satisfied customers, we are happy to provide referrals to help you get the reassurance you need. Let our experienced and organization provide you with the painting, repairs, and home services you need to keep your home or business strong and vibrant. To get a free quote, call us today!

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