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A quality paint job has multiple benefits for any home. In addition to adding significant curb appeal, it can help protect against water and insect damage. When you need a quality paint job at a competitive rate, don’t settle for less. Contact Tulsa Christian Bros Painting service.

What Services Do We Offer?

Keeping your home in good shape is our top priority. In order to be an all-in-one painting solution for homeowners in the Tulsa area, we offer a number of services, including:

Exterior House Painting

Interior Painting

Commercial Painting

Wood Rot Repair

Drywall Repair


Power Washing

Vast Color Choices

Interior and Exterior Painting

Any home or room can be improved with a fresh paint job. We offer a wide array of colors and utilize scrub-friendly materials, allowing you to get the exact look you want and allowing you to keep the surface clean without worrying about fading or smudging.

Learn about our interior painting

learn about our exterior painting

Wood Rot and Drywall Repair

Strengthening a structure is a great way to extend the life and avoid costly replacements for your home in the future. Our highly-skilled technicians can repair damaged areas and restore the stability of your home.

Staining and Cabinet Refacing

Sometimes the smallest details can have a large impact. Where you need to have your cabinets adjusted so they fit better or would like some wood surfaces stained to improve their appearance, we can provide the precision you need for first-rate results.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tulsa Christian Bros Painting?

Choosing a professional organization is the best way to ensure you get high-quality results. We offer competitive prices and periodic deals to help you make sure you get the house painting services and repairs you need in a manner compatible with your budget.

We can provide estimates beforehand and guarantee satisfaction with every job. Courteous, punctual, and professional workmanship is delivered every time. Your home is your most valuable asset, and our experienced staff knows how to respect your dream home as if it were their own. Not only do we respect and honor our work space, but we offer a two-year warranty is offered to ease your mind.

Let Tulsa Christian Bros Painting Serve You Today!

Our services have been spread through many commercial and residential facilities in the Tulsa area. With plenty of satisfied customers, we are happy to provide referrals to help you get the reassurance you need. Let our experienced and organization provide you with the painting, repairs, and home services you need to keep your home or business strong and vibrant. To get a free quote, call us today!

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