Wood Rot Repair

Homeowners are naturally concerned about their home’s visual appeal. While this is an important factor, structural integrity is also a pressing issue that every homeowner should take into account. Even the best looking home can sometimes have problems with stability related to wood rot. This can be the result of weather damage, a lack of maintenance, or a number of other factors. When you need high-quality repair services to deal with wood rot in the Tulsa area, contact Tulsa Christian Bros Painting. We provide a number of valuable services to homeowners including interior painting, exterior painting, and wood rot repair.

What is Wood Rot? What Causes It?

The strength and stiffness of wood are two factors which are considered when building a home. Quality materials can provide stability and durability in the long-term. However, excessive exposure to moisture can cause the wood to decay and compromise the stability of the structure. This can be caused by a number of factors, including:

Poorly-positioned lawn sprinklers, drainage pipes, or gutters
Large amounts of shrubbery that are in direct contact with the structure
Leaking or ruptured pipes
High levels of water in the ground beneath the structure
Our technicians know the warning signs to look for, and can provide a timely and efficient solution customized to the position and severity of any wood rot issue in your home.

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What to Expect with Wood Rot Repair

Repairing wood rot is an easy procedure which can be handled in a few simple steps by our trained technicians. After the damaged wood has been removed, wood hardener will be applied to strengthen existing wood and to safeguard against similar issues in the future. Our technicians will also work to discover the issues that resulted in the initial damage. This allows you to get an excellent fix that will save you stress and money in the long term.

High-Quality Service from Qualified Professionals

When wood rot occurs in your home, it can be very frustrating. Many homeowners are hesitant about calling in contractors to handle this type of work. However, Tulsa Christian Bros Painting provides you with a two-year warranty, competitive prices, and a price estimates to give you the reassurance you need. Our company has a history of achieving customer satisfaction in the Tulsa area, and we can provide referrals upon request. Don’t let wood rot issues in your home get worse; call 918-282-3216 today to get a free quote!

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