11 Tips to Choose the Perfect Paint Colors for Your Home

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Home Painting Tips

Preparing to repaint your house? For most of us, the most challenging step is choosing the right colors. You want something that won’t make the space look too small or adversely affect your mood. You also want colors that will match your existing décor.
If you’re not aware of it already, it’s worth acknowledging the profound impact that colors can have in the home. Each color sends its own psychological message to the brain and can affect the entire feel of a room.
For example, red can send vibes of passion, romance, even hunger. It could also fuel anger and create drama, which may not be something you want in your living room.
All these factors add stress to the color selection process. If you have some helpful tips for doing it right, though, you won’t feel as much pressure.

1. Get Inspired

Flip through magazines, follow home décor blogs, and immerse yourself in the world of paint colors. Press forward with the items that inspire you.
A coffee cup, an outfit, or some other appealing object that has a great color scheme can be just the thing to inspire your new interior palette. Not every unique color scheme you see would look good in your home, obviously, but this is a great place to start.

2. Compare Paint Swatches with Home Décor

One of the critical steps in choosing paint colors is to make sure they will match what’s already in your home. Hiring painters for your home would be only a few hundred bucks, but new furniture and décor will cost thousands. Hold paint swatches against fabric and furniture to make sure they will blend well.

3. Test Paint Colors on Your Wall

Paint swatches are a great way to start, but you won’t be able to see the true color until it’s on your wall. After the wall has been primed (if applicable), paint a small section of it the color that appeals to you.
You might do the same on a different wall to compare various colors. If you don’t like any of them, it’s not permanent, and you can keep trying this until you find the colors you love.

4. Learn Which Colors Affect Your Mood

Color psychology aside, some people have unique reactions to colors based on mood and personality. If you’re a person who’s prone to depression and anxiety, dark, rich colors would probably not be a good choice, since they can dampen your mood and make furnishings and people feel smaller.
However, if you have a flare for the dramatic, those colors might be perfect for your living area. Keeping your personality in mind during the color selection process will result in a much more comfortable end product.

5. Use More Than One Color

Whether you’re painting the exterior or interior of your home, different colors can create contrast, which is often the best thing for a home. Ideally, the trim color should provide some kind of strong contrast to the dominant color: It brings more attention to the main hue, rather the way eyeliner brings more attention to the eye.
Don’t be afraid to play with accent colors as well. A solid or patterned accent wall can bring great visual interest to a room. It can tie everything together and convey personality.

6. Match the Architecture

When you’re selecting the exterior color scheme, the architectural style and era in which the house was built can be a major factor. Sometimes modern colors don’t work on older homes and vice versa.
Thankfully, paint manufacturers usually take this into consideration. They’ll often present a selection of historically appropriate colors that can help you choose a great one for your home. If you have an older home, start here when you’re choosing colors.

7. Consider Trending Colors

There’s always a color of the year that’s generally recognized for home décor and fashion. In 2015, it was masala (a mix between mauve and rose), and in 2016, it was both rose quartz (a pale pink) and serenity (a baby blue shade).
Several accent colors were acknowledged as preferred accompaniments to these main colors. Keep in mind that using trending colors in your home is best for residents who like to change their home décor frequently.
In a few years, the current colors will be out of style, and you may feel the need to repaint. If you’re looking for paint that will last for a couple of decades, choose something more timeless.

8. Select an Appropriate Sheen

The finish of your paint is also a concern. Typically, high-gloss paint is more durable, so if you have pets or young children, this option is highly recommended for its practicality. Flat paint can create a beautiful, modern look that’s more appropriate for contemporary homes.

9. Pick a Color Scheme

You might be painting only a single room, but remember that this room is part of a much larger network of spaces that should fit together in their design. Don’t paint a room without thinking about how it meshes with the overall color scheme.
You may have to paint more than one room once you’ve chosen an overarching color scheme, but you’ll be grateful for the resulting unity.

10. Try a Monochromatic Scheme

One color doesn’t have to be boring. You can actually add a lot of variety to a room by using one color in differing shades. When this is done well, the contrast can be breathtaking.
The great thing about using a monochromatic color palette is that you always know your colors will pair well with one another.

11. Pay Attention to Lighting

There’s a reason paint stores own light boxes for testing paint chips. The lighting in a room can subtly but unmistakably change the color of the paint. If you’re painting a window that gets a lot of natural light, bright colors can be overpowering, but they’re softened in dimly lit areas.

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