7 Things You Need to Know Before Painting the Interior of Your Home

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The prospect of a fresh coat of paint on your interior rooms can be exciting. You might be ready to upgrade your room to something more modern, or you might be shooting for a unique new look—either way, you’re about to improve your surroundings, which will pay off in spades when it comes to your mood (as well as your home valuation).

Motivating Factors

Because paint isn’t very expensive, and the basics of painting are both straightforward and intuitive, many homeowners opt to make this a do-it-yourself project, taking on the full workload by themselves instead of hiring a painting contractor. Many homeowners have succeeded in doing this, but a sizeable portion finds out interior home painting is more complex than they imagined it would be—and their finished product suffers as a result.

Considerations Before You Paint

These are some of the most important things you’ll need to know before you take the first step of your new project:

  1. How many rooms you’re painting.

    This may seem like an obvious consideration, but it’s one many homeowners end up neglecting. Think carefully about how many rooms you’re going to paint; there’s some advantage in getting everything done at once, but that would require a mass move of furniture. Painting one room at a time may be more manageable, but you’ll also be stuck with a more gradual home update. There are also some special considerations for what rooms to paint, including whether you intend to sell your home anytime soon. Either way, get a feel for how much wall space there is in each room; you’ll need to calculate the square footage of the space you want to cover so you know how much paint you need to buy.

  2. The right colors.

    Choosing the right color is simultaneously the most fun and the most stressful part of the process. As you might have been able to guess, there’s no real “right” color—that’s up to you. You can paint your entire home the same shade to give a feeling of consistency, or opt for more vibrant shades in certain rooms. You can opt for a more conservative, balanced feel, or go bold with something crazier that suits your personality. When choosing your colors, make sure you think about the long-term repercussions of your choice; for example, how might this affect your home value? But at the same time, remember that you always have the option to repaint later.

  3. The projected costs.

    Interior painting projects aren’t expensive (at least not compared to other home improvement projects), but you’ll want to estimate the costs before getting started. Figure out exactly how much paint you’re going to need, and calculate the total price from there—but that’s just the beginning. You’ll also need to factor in the costs for materials like brushes, rollers, tape, plastic, and putty you need to repair wall abrasions. There are a lot of minor expenses you might overlook unless you take the time to make a full cost projection.

  4. The increase in home value.

    One of the biggest reasons to estimate your projected costs is so you can compare them to the increase in home value you project. This is a difficult thing to estimate, but you should be able to ballpark it based on the shape of your walls before the project and the types of colors you choose.

  5. Primers and sealants.

    Paint isn’t the only product you’re going to have to purchase, nor is it the only thing you’ll put on the walls to begin with. Most interior painting projects do well with a coat of primer on the wall before the actual paint goes up. After cleaning your wall, primer does the work of smoothing over any inconsistencies, masking points of damage you’ve corrected, and getting the surface of the wall ready to accept the main coat of paint. Sealants may also be necessary—and you’ll also want to think carefully about the finish of the paint you choose.

  6. The prep work involved.

    Don’t underestimate the amount of prep work necessary to successfully paint a room. This is something you’ll have to prepare for from a time management perspective, and a logistic you’ll need to consider when it comes time to actually paint. You’ll need to move your furniture, use tape to protect any installations you have, and make repairs to any damaged portions of your wall before you even apply the primer. Depending on your approach, you may also need to mix the paint, get your tools ready, and dress for the occasion. All in all, you’ll be investing many hours of work just for the setup process—so don’t neglect this step in your planning.

  7. The painting contractor factor.

    Many homeowners are turned off of the idea of hiring a painting contractor because they believe they’re able to handle the job themselves. But when you factor in the total costs of a painting contractor and weigh them against the total costs of materials and time you’ll spend doing it yourself, they roughly even out. Painting contractors aren’t for everybody, and some people genuinely like to paint, but they’re a reliable option, and a beneficial one—especially if you’re an amateur who doesn’t know what he/she’s doing.

If you keep these considerations in mind, you’ll end up with a much smoother, more complete final product—and you’ll probably end up spending less money and effort in the long run. These are some best practices when it comes to painting, but there are tons of variables too; what works for you may not work for everyone, and not everyone will come to the same conclusions about things like coloration, sealants, and whether to hire a painting contractor.
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How much will it cost to have the exterior of my house painted?

We will paint the entire exterior of your house for a flat rate as low as $995*.

What is the $199 a room special?

Frequently Asked Questions
How much will it cost to have the exterior of my house painted?
Check Out our $199 a room pricing!

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  1. One coat one color walls and ceiling only
  2. 12x12x8 room.
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How much is it to have my room painted?

We offer a flat rate of $199* per room that is 12x12x8. This rate is for one coat, one coat one color, walls, and this is a labor price not including paints and materials to paint a room in your house. You can buy any brand of paint that you prefer,or we can pick it up and we will apply it professionally.

The exterior of our house has some dry rot on the wood siding where some plants were climbing on the side of the house. Can you fix the dry rot at the same time that you repaint our home?

Yes. We have many years of experience repairing dry rot. Contact us for a free estimate.

In what areas do you offer your exterior & interior painting services

We do contract painting jobs throughout the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, including the cities of Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, and Bixby, OK.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

Can you paint the exterior of my store?

Yes. We offer commercial as well as residential painting service. Contact us for a free estimate.

What brands of paint do you use

We proudly offer Sherwin Williams paints to our customers. These paints are known for their durability & easy maintenance.

How do I schedule an appointment for you to paint my house or get a quote?

You can fill out the contact form here on the site, or you can call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

What is the $995 exterior paint special?

  • $995: the $995 is for up to a 1400 sqft house, 1 color, labor only (no paint or materials), and on houses that are 70% siding and under.
  • It includes light pressure washing, Light spot scraping (houses that need heavy scraping will accrue an additional charge),
  • Light caulking (houses that needs complete re-caulk or extensive caulking will accrue an additional charge for masking, and painting. 
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