8 Benefits of Using a Professional Painter

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Painting is a relatively simple job that can have a dramatic effect on your home. You can protect your walls and siding, improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, and even increase your home value all in one fell swoop. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking to get your home in good shape before selling, if it’s been several years since the last paint job, or if you’re just in the mood for something different.
Unfortunately, when opting for the job, most people try to do all the work themselves, and they miss out on the tremendous advantages of using a professional painting contractor.

Exterior vs. Interior

There are contractors for both exterior and interior painting, but both come with many of the same advantages. The big difference here is the scale of the job; exterior painting often requires a more intensive process, with ladders and special considerations for the type of siding you have. However, don’t forget that interior painting also requires extensive prep work to ensure your paint doesn’t damage or interfere with your existing setup. Accordingly, you should consider interior and exterior painters with equal weight with the advantages below.

Why People Assume DIY Is Better

Before we get to the advantages, let’s consider: why do so many people assuming that doing the paint job yourself is better in the first place?

  • Materials are cheap. For starters, it’s easy to get everything you need to do the job yourself. The paint is inexpensive, and if you feel like cutting corners, the only other tools you need are applicators (like rollers and brushes) and some protective measure, like masking tape, to guide your work.
  • It seems intuitive. We can’t blame you for this one—painting seems like an intuitive job. Unlike electrical rewiring or window replacement, which require a more complicated approach, most homeowners view painting as accessible.
  • It’s a common home improvement job. You’ve probably had friends, neighbors, or family members repaint their homes—and recently, too. Because the job is so commonly taken on by homeowners, it’s become circulated as a DIY job.

Contractor Advantages

However, there are some major advantages to hiring a painting contractor:

1. You don’t have to do the work yourself.

The first advantage should be one of the most obvious, yet it’s one that homeowners seem to gloss over. Just because it’s possible for you to do the work yourself doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest. The job itself will take several hours of your time (which, don’t forget, is valuable), and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it will take even longer. Don’t forget to factor in time for all the prep work, aftercare, and the selection and purchase of all the materials as well.

2. You’ll have greater job safety.

Painting isn’t necessarily a dangerous job, but it can be under certain circumstances. Moving your furniture and breathing fumes are just two potential safety factors in your home’s interior, and on the exterior, you’ll likely be forced to use a tall ladder to complete the work. Ultimately, working with a contractor will be safer for you and anyone else involved.

3. You’ll maintain better health standards.

Safety is about more than just protecting yourself in the short term. There are certain EPA regulations you must adhere to when repainting your house, and you may not even know what they are—let alone be able to adhere to all of them. Your painting contractor of choice will be able to comply with all these regulations and maintain higher health and environmental standards for the job. For example, if your previous paint job featured lead, do you know how to properly handle the situation?

4. You can properly dispose of all materials.

Depending on the nature of the job, you might be removing old wallpaper, dealing with paint flakes, or leaving with leftover paint. In any case, you’ll be left with at least a handful of materials that can’t simply be thrown away. Your painting contractor will know and follow the proper procedures for disposing of these materials, so you don’t have to worry about it.

5. Prep work is thorough and faster.

When most homeowners start to prepare a room to be painted, it turns into a mess. You have to move your furniture and other items around, lay down plastic sheeting, tape up your windows and other portions of your walls, and prepare yourself with masks and gloves. Contractors can handle this work faster and more efficiently.

6. You’ll pick better paints for the job.

How much do you really know about paints? The worker at your local home improvement store may be able to point you in the right direction, but for contractors, paints are our livelihood. We’ll be in a far better position to help you choose the perfect paint for whatever job you’re facing, whether it’s internal or external, and regardless of its demands.

7. The work will be done quickly and professionally.

This should go without saying—as long as you pick the right contractor to work with. These people paint as their day job, and they know what they’re doing. They’ll be able to get your job done faster and with greater professionalism than you can.

8. There’s some guarantee of quality.

Finally, don’t forget that most painting contractors offer some kind of guarantee on their work. Even if there’s no formal guarantee, you’ll know they’ll be accountable for your work for fear of getting a negative review from an unsatisfied customer.
These advantages obviously make hiring a painting contractor a better choice, but there’s still one factor that prevents it from being the default decision—cost. It’s inarguable that hiring a contractor is still more expensive than doing the job yourself, but you’d be surprised how affordable the work really is. If you’re interested in testing the waters and seeing exactly how much it would cost to paint your home, reach out to us at Tulsa Christian Brothers, and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

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