Exterior House Painting Colors to Help Sell Your Home

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There’s nothing more important than good, old-fashioned curb appeal to sell a home quickly. If you’re thinking of putting your Tulsa area house on the market, exterior painting can be a great investment — especially if your paint is noticeably cracking or peeling. A new paint job is like an instant facelift for your house, and you’re likely to get a better price on the market as a result.
While painting your home’s exterior is a no-brainer, selecting a color can be a challenge. There are literally hundreds of choices, and it’s hard to know exactly what combination to choose. It’s important to remember that you’re painting your house for other people, so set your personal tastes aside and opt for one of these tried-and-true color palettes to appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers.

White With an Accent Color

There’s a reason so many houses are painted white: It’s crisp, it’s clean, and it’s affordable. Believe it or not, plain white exterior paint can cost less than those tinted to another shade. Painting your house white will make it stand out from the landscape, and white is a great backdrop for a pop of color on the front door. Popular choices for the accent color are black, red, royal blue and hunter green.

Neutral With White Trim

If you’d rather not paint most of your house bright white, try a popular neutral instead. Tan, taupe, and gray are all mid-range colors that might be boring for clothing, but they work perfectly for houses because they blend in with the natural colors of the surrounding landscape. Painting corner boards, door frames and windows white will help them stand out and add interest to these architectural details as well.

Yellow With White Trim

If you can’t bear the thought of painting your house a neutral shade, one color that remains popular among buyers is yellow. A medium, creamy yellow looks great in all seasons because it stands out nicely against both the greens of summer and the browns — or even white! — of winter. White trim on a yellow house creates an instant classic without bowling over your neighborhood with a too-bright color scheme.
Once you’ve selected a buyer-friendly color combination for your house, you’ll need the right painting contractor to complete the work. Exterior painting is a big job that’s best left to the pros, so contact Tulsa Christian Bros. Painting for a free quote. Their years of experience and expertise in choosing the right colors and paint products for the job will guarantee that you get a great result. Your home’s future owners will thank you for your good taste!

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