The Hard Truth About DIY House Painting

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Hardware stores and big box retailers have lots of reasons to talk you in to doing your own house painting projects, and they do a great job making it sound like a quick weekend task. But the truth is — if you’re not already an experienced residential painter — painting your house on your own isn’t all that easy, and it’s usually not that fun. Take a look at the real cost of DIY house painting before diving into a project that might leave you in over your head.

Prep Work

House painting isn’t just about slapping a coat of your favorite color up and calling it a day — that’s actually the last step. Before you even open a can of paint, you need to move furniture, cover any permanent fixtures, and tape off any trim work. You’ll also need to wash and prepare your walls by patching any holes, sanding down rough surfaces, and priming the surfaces for paint with the proper base coat. These are time consuming tasks, so think carefully about what your time is worth before deciding to do it yourself.

Safety First

Were you planning to skip your ceilings? It’s something that many DIYers end up doing simply because they don’t have the equipment to reach those high spots. If you’re leery of heights or unsteady on a ladder, painting your own house can be a an accident waiting to happen. It’s also important to remember that any paint removal — scraping or sanding away an old coat of paint, for example — puts you at risk for potential lead poisoning. You’ll also need to be comfortable working around other hazards like plumbing, electrical and asbestos. If you don’t really know what you’re doing, a mistake could be costly for both your house and your health.

Equipment Investments

House painting requires all kinds of specialty equipment. A professional painting contractor already has several sizes and shapes of paint brushes as well as dropcloths, plastic sheeting, fans, scaffolding, and anything else you can imagine to get the job done right. The average homeowner, on the other hand, will need to make several trips to the local hardware store to buy these items — possibly to use them only once.

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If you’re considering doing your own house painting, be sure to factor in the full cost of doing business. You may find that hiring a professional residential painter isn’t as expensive as you thought.
Painting is harder than it looks, and to get professional results, it really does take a professional. To find out more about hiring a painting contractor, contact Tulsa Christian Bros. Painting for a free quote.

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